Exploring Fort Sheridan with an Ultra Wide Angle Lens

This Summer I spent a lot of evenings exploring new places and honing my photography skills. Fort Sheridan is an old military fort about twenty minutes south of where I work, and I found it to be a beautiful and relaxing places to explore and shoot. Here are some photos I captured there with a Sony A7R II, a WonderPana 10-stop ND filter and a beautiful Zeiss Distagon 15mm f/2.8 lens I was able to borrow from work.

Fort Sheridan Cemetary

Grave and Sky

Fort Sheridan Cemetery Sunset

Memorial Horse

Walkway to Nowhere

Fort Sheridan Water Tower

Because I was borrowing gear from work, I was also able to shoot a tie in video for Fotodiox. Here’s the video, where I go into a little more detail about the process I used to capture these image.